April 26, 2010

Finger Tracking

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Well…. a while back I came across Johnny Lee’s wiimote finger tracking, here. So I bought a wiimote and sat down to get to work. After some searching, I found the proper reflective tape (infrared doesn’t just bounce off any ol’ reflector tape. I think I ended up finding it at an army supply store!)

The next step was to build an infrared LED array that would serve as a “light” source. In attempting to build this array, I truly appreciated the freedom of working in abstract worlds such as computer programming. For example, when I need a new variable I can just type it out and give it a type and a name and use it. The concrete world of electronics does not have such a luxury. If I want a new LED, I have to get in my car drive out to the electronics shop and purchase one. I can’t even freakin download it! Sheesh, how do these EE people get any thing done?

Well, then I had to move and fly off to strange places and all the little pieces and thoughts got packed into a(n abstract) tool box until I could get back to it…..

Until…. I got a new work laptop that came with a built in web cam. When I first heard about it, I wasn’t thrilled- “What the heck am I going to do to a web cam?” But then the wiimote finger tracking idea hit me. What if I could use the web cam to track my finger….. oooooooo. So, the next few posts will be about my research along those lines…


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